“Joan really saved the day…”

It gives me great pleasure in telling you about and highly recommending A Thoughtful Move.

We put our home on the market and it sold in 2 days, leaving us just about 4 weeks to pack up and move. It was a traumatic time for us, and would surely have been disastrous had we not heard about and contacted Joan. I have no words to describe how she and her team really saved the day.

She advised in every category involved in moving from what items to dispose of, to where to place furniture in the new home.

Her workers and packers/un-packers were so efficient; I simply cannot say enough about her. All I know that without her, this move would not have been possible. — A COUPLE FROM DEDHAM, MA


“I needed a colonel, I got a friend.”

My very elderly parents were perhaps five years too late realizing they were way over their heads managing a large home. I contacted A Thoughtful Move and one Joan Roover. There were 104 boxes to pack, 40 boxes to store, another 10 to ship to relatives far away. There were movers to contact, 2,200 books to dispose of, and 14 mature fir trees with huge planters to clear off decks – in the winter – five floors up. There were city permits to secure to park moving trucks and then the crane needed to lift the 1904 Steinway piano (followed by six oversized sofas) through the French doors.

What A Thoughtful Move did best was transfer the graceful personal touches of a well-loved home to a massively scaled down apartment. Countless times she turned to me and said: “We need this (a particular family photo, a 70-year old engagement gift, a grandchild’s school project) in the new place.”

Dad broke down in tears of happiness when he walked into his new home. And then Ms. Roover, with no shortage of contacts, began the task of responsibly selling heirlooms. — DAVID A., BOSTON


“Hire her, work with her. She is the best of the best! My angst decreased daily.”

The truth is that I could go on and on about how wonderful, how helpful, how respectful, how organized, and how darned smart Joan Roover was when she helped my husband and myself move out of our house of almost forty years—a house jammed with more “stuff” that I even knew I had. So let me make this easy for anyone thinking about hiring Joan to help organize a move or anything else in one’s life. Hire her! Work with her! She is the best of the best!

My nightmare was that it would take me months and months to do the needed work to move out of our house. We were able to complete the moving process in half the time I thought it would take us. And over that time, my angst decreased daily.

And Joan is great company, she’s empathic, but only when empathy is called for, and she has a great sense of humor, which I really appreciated.

Perhaps most important of all, Joan was honest in her dealings with us. She provided an endless array of specialists, who carried out tasks such book donation or just getting rid a huge amount of trash, as well as making sure that anything that could be recycled, was recycled. — CLIENT FROM CAMBRIDGE (WHO WISHES TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS)


“We believe Joan actually accomplished a miracle.”

I cannot say enough about Joan Roover. Joan is singularly responsible for the successful move of my 87 year old aunt who has lived in her Boston condominium for 40 years. While Joan has moved a number of elderly clients, this transition was particularly challenging for a variety of reasons. Joan was able to accomplish this move in a short period of time (about 2 months), something that was not possible for any of us to do in over 10 years.

Joan handled every aspect of the move as a true professional, but also used her finely tuned social work skills to counsel my aunt and the rest of the family. She continues to work with my aunt after the move helping her with adjusting to her new life. Her communication skills are superb which made this monumental task so much easier. We believe that Joan actually accomplished a miracle and we are very much grateful for her diligence, attention to detail, grace under fire , humor and incredible organizational skills. — JULIE R., BOSTON


“Joan helped make sense of utter chaos and we are eternally grateful.”

I first met Joan when she was recommended to help move my then, eighty nine year old mother from her spacious apartment in New York City to a one bedroom apartment in an assisted living facility in the greater Boston area. This was a daunting task at best.

The move turned out to be a seamless move for my mother. She left her home in New York City one morning, and arrived in Boston that afternoon, where she walked into her new home, filled with her belongings and her furnishings and immediately felt a sense of belonging. My mother could not have been more pleased, and this was all due to Joan’s vigilance. — SUSAN C., BOSTON


“[The] company should be called ‘An Amazing Move!!'”

Moving coast to coast was probably one of the most challenging experiences we have ever had—in spite of a number of moves through the years. Joan and her team kept us on track in every way –from determining what to take, what would fit, sorting, packing, donating, and throwing out. They all kept us calm and focused even when it seemed impossible to stay calm.

Joan was readily available by telephone, email, or in person whenever we had a question or concern — helping with numerous decisions, and just supporting us in whatever we needed. The packers, Leslie and Janet, worked hand in hand with both of us. They are organized, efficient, friendly, warm, and caring individuals who went beyond the “call of duty” in every way.

We recommend that anyone moving locally or to a distant location hire this remarkable company. It will make all the difference. — A CLIENT WHO MOVED CROSS COUNTRY FROM NEWTON TO TIBURON, CA