“Boomers will be 25% of Massachusetts’ population in less than 20 years and the state life expectancy will be greater than the national average with the 85+ age group being the fastest growing segment of society.” (State Office of Elder Affairs)
So if you were born between 1946 and 1964 chances are great that you will be helping an elder move and we’re here to help.

Making the decision to move from the home you have lived in for decades is difficult. People make the decision for a variety of reasons:

  • The house becomes too big, costly and difficult to maintain and is no longer being used fully
  • The house feels empty after the loss of a spouse
  • Stairs to the bedroom, laundry, TV room are getting hard to manage
  • Neighbors and friends have moved away so the neighborhood is not the same
  • Ability to actively participate, both physically and mentally in the decisions and choices
  • To enjoy a more carefree lifestyle, be able to see friends and participate in activities
  • To save their children from the task of emptying the house later

If you are an adult child, let us help to lessen the stress and pressures of moving an elder parent or family member. Moving can be a full-time job when you are doing it. Too many people are unrealistic about all of the decisions and tasks involved in the process. Juggling the rest of your life while moving a relative is daunting. We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls and keep everyone from feeling overwhelmed. We can be there from start to finish; we ease your minds throughout the entire process.

“I wouldn’t have known where to begin, it was all so overwhelming. I’d still be standing in the middle of the house looking around paralyzed if not for your delicate intervention.” — A CLIENT FROM CAMBRIDGE, MA

That’s what we hear most often from prospective clients. Our team of professionals makes it much less stressful and even add an element of fun to the process.