Many elders choose to stay in their home and “age in place” today rather than move to a senior living community or a smaller home. If you choose to do that we recommend sorting through your accumulated possessions to insure everything you want and need is easily accessible. We’ll help to make sure you’ll be safe in your home so you can continue to enjoy living there.

A Thoughtful Move’s team of experts will help you sort through all those piles you’ve been avoiding for a long time. From piles of papers to kitchens cabinets, attics and basements, and those jam packed closets we can help with it all. If the things you have accumulated over the years have been troubling you or your adult children, we can help you sort it out and reclaim your space.

Be Safer

  • Remove things from the floors and stairs that can cause a fall
  • Check electrical cords on lamps and other electrical things for frayed wires
  • Consider whether a chair lift for the stairs would be helpful
  • Consider renovating for one level living-master bedroom and laundry on same floor
  • Is a walk-in shower or bath feasible?

If you want to age in place, do so with the comfort of knowing you have prepared your home for sale if you decide at some point that you do want to move or if your health or situation changes and a move is more appropriate for your safety. We are professionals who will help you simplify your life. We’ll assist you in making the tough decisions about what you really need, what you’d like to keep and what you can part with and before we leave we’ll make sure there’s a place for everything you decide to keep.

We customize our service to your needs. We can manage the process and suggest trusted resources for you.