A Thoughtful Move always lives up to our name.

  • We will do whatever is required when working with your clients needing to move.
  • We communicate with adult children and you every step of the way so you know the plan and the progress.
  • We set up their new home with treasured things that actually mean home to them.
  • Working with a senior move manager assures that your client becomes a “moved-in” resident, on time and with less stress.
  • We take care of all the details.

Real Estate Brokers

“Our job is often like doing a puzzle that we have to take apart and reassemble with great care. When we complete the puzzle our clients express relief, pleasure and sometimes even awe.”JANET VITAGLIANO, ATM MOVE MANAGER

After you make the referral and your client engages us:

  • We work to maintain the schedule you set to have the house ready to show.
  • We’ll keep your client on track and on time. While we work as a team with you, we function independently to take care of all of the details of preparing a home for sale, managing the move itself and then preparing the home for closing.
  • You can feel confident we’ll take care of your clients and their needs and keep you informed of each step along the way so you know when the house will be ready.
  • We’ll free you up to focus on your primary goal…selling the house!


  • A Thoughtful Move assists you, your clients and their family members in dealing with estates and the life needs of your clients.
  • A Thoughtful Move’s founder, Joan Roover, is a lawyer who understands the details of dealing with the contents of an estate as well as the often complicated family dynamics inherent in estate closures.
  • We’ll help you and your clients complete the process with relationships intact and the valuable real estate ready to go to market efficiently.