A Thoughtful Move often works with individuals and families to help make and implement decisions at the time of a move. Moves are always difficult no matter the circumstances. It is significantly more difficult to deal with the contents of a familial home after the onset of a serious illness or the death of a family member. Disbursing a lifetime of possessions after losing a loved one is an emotionally draining experience, with the potential to cause family discord.

Preparing to sell a familial home in the midst of sadness and loss may be unavoidable. At a time when families often live out of state, our clients tell us how overwhelmed they were when confronted with this difficult task, often feeling paralyzed and unable to tackle it on their own. Our team of professionals makes it much less stressful, minimizing the work family members have to do so they can focus on all the other aspects of dealing with the death or sudden onset of serious illness of a loved one.

To help ease your burden A Thoughtful Move:

  • Finds important documents you need as we sort through the contents of the house
  • Manages and coordinates the process whether you live in state or out of state
  • Coordinates and arranges appraisals of items to help settle the estate
  • Assists you with the decisions about what to keep, what to try to sell and what to donate or retire and arranges it all
  • Identifies the best means to sell things-estate sale, auction or dealer
  • Arranges to ship or move items to family members
  • Prepares the home to go to market and then to close upon sale

As a social worker with years of experience working with individuals and family members at stages of life, Joan and her team can truly ease the process of closing a familial home and help ease the burden of dealing with all of the contents of a lifetime.

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