What is Rightsizing? It’s moving to your next home to accommodate your life, for the next few years or for the foreseeable future. Our clients include people of all ages who are downsizing, upsizing, staying in state, moving out of state and relocating to the Boston area to be closer to family members. We help:

  • Young families who need more space to meet your family’s needs — upsizing
  • Families transitioning to city living or elsewhere in the state
  • Boomers hoping to simplify — downsizing or same sizing but in a new location
  • Elders relocating to simplify and/or for health and safety concerns
  • Elders requiring some assistance in a new location

Moving is a full-time job while you’re involved in it. Juggling the rest of your life while moving is daunting. We’ll help you avoid the pitfalls and keep you from becoming overwhelmed. A Thoughtful Move does the full-time job of preparing to move for you. We’re there from start to finish and we make it easier and far less stressful and overwhelming for you.

Renovating Rather than Moving?

We often help clients who want to move out of their home during renovations or just move out of the areas where the additions are being built or renovations being made. Whether you need to move out completely or just move out of some rooms we can help you plan and prepare for the move out and storage of your things during the renovation and then we will move back all your things and place them for you.

Our trusted and tested network of resources can make the process much less stressful.
From interior design, space planning and art storage and installation we know the trusted resources you need.