Joan has assembled a team of committed, efficient women, and all are insured and bonded. In addition to Joan’s expertise you will retain the services of professionals who are goal oriented, team players, likable, and treat each house as if it was their home. Read on for more info about “Roover’s Movers”!

Diane Bailey

Diane Bailey, Team Leader, B.A. Sociology — “As your move manager I will bring all of my personal experience. I will treat you with respect and kindness. Our relationship will be a collaborative one, each of us working together to achieve a smooth, coordinated and hopefully stress free move!”

My desire to help older adults tackle the process of transitioning from their homes of 40-50 years to the next step came from personal experience. In 2009 my parents made the decision to move. They were giving their children a gift and making the move while they were both physically able and mentally capable to participate in all the decisions. However the task was still a daunting one! Rather than rely on two adult children who did not live in state and me, the one child who did, they decided to hire a Senior Move Management Company.

This enabled my parents to make all the decisions but have the physical support and access to all the additional resources available. It made the move manageable and much less stressful. After seeing the caring way they were treated and the trust they placed in their move manager, I decided that I would like to help other families. I have now been with A Thoughtful Move (ATM) since 2010.

Leslie Price

Leslie Price, Team Leader, B.A. Business Administration — “This job is not just about packing client’s belongings, it’s about helping to guide them through the emotional challenges of letting go of memory-filled personal effects and homes that they may have been in for decades.”

I joined ATM in January, 2011 after a long career as a Business Owner/Partner in the corporate event planning industry. During my 23 years organizing and managing events all over the country, I gained the skills necessary to manage complex situations and tasks. As I’ve moved from managing corporate events to managing “life events”, I have brought these skills and managerial experience to my new career with ATM.

Assisting our clients to navigate through the often emotional and stress filled process of a transitional move has become my new passion. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges associated with helping clients downsize or “right size” as they prepare to move on to a new phase in their lives. My goal is to lessen the emotional impact of making these difficult decisions by respecting the needs of our clients, being a good listener and having compassion and patience for the decision making process.

Janet Vitagliano

Janet Vitagliano, Associate — “Having moved my mother and mother-in-law from their homes of 30 and 50 years respectively, I fully appreciate the difficult and often painful decisions that have to be made in departing familiar
surroundings and leaving behind comfortable objects.”

We all have helped our elderly loved ones move beyond their comfort zones start a new chapter, and we do it with understanding and grace. When I first heard of ATM I was in business for myself, designing and marketing my own jewelry. I had also worked and managed women’s retail specialty shops. I did both of these careers while raising three children, managing a household and holding down the fort, while my husband, a freelance cameraman, was often away on assignment.

I have been with ATM since 2010. This job is often like doing a puzzle that we have to take apart and reassemble with great care. My favorite moment comes at the end of move-in day, when, having completed the puzzle, we can witness the client’s relief, pleasure and sometimes even awe.

Tracy Luchetti

Tracy Luchetti, Associate — “Easing your mind and your move is not just a tagline, it’s our practice every day.“

I joined A Thoughtful Move in 2015 after learning from current employees how satisfying a job move management can be. My background as a mother to four, and running a household while managing a construction company with my husband allows me to be flexible for our clients and to keep track of many moving parts. Moreover, I discovered my passion for helping others outside the family when I founded a not-for-profit that strives to help individuals and families who are battling cancer. This passion translates to ATM as we help others every day with the emotional and physical tasks associated with leaving a home they have lived in for many years

Lisa Cataldo, Associate “I’m in awe of the grit and grace that our clients have as they move forward in their life’s journey. It’s very rewarding to help them get there.“

I started with ATM in November, 2017, and I have truly enjoyed everything about it. My background in managing my family’s busy lives suits me to this work. I love the feeling of helping people ease into the next chapter of their life with minimal stress. Being able to help families through a very emotional time in their life is very rewarding. I am grateful to be part of wonderful team of woman helping others successfully transition into their next chapter of life.