Joan E. Roover, MSW

I founded A Thoughtful Move in 2007 after a career in health care as a social worker, health care executive and lawyer. Move management requires the ability to form good relationships with people, understand the needs of others and plan and anticipate future steps: all skills I applied in my previous roles. Project planning is an important part of move management, and while in health care I was part of a team responsible for closing a hospital and moving patients to a new location.  If you can move a hospital you can move anyone!

When I formed A Thoughtful Move I wanted to help ease the transitions people go through in life and to lessen the stress of moving. Now, ten years and hundreds of moves later, I know how helpful our services are to clients who are moving from homes they have lived in for decades and to their family members who often live out of state and can’t be as present during the moving process as they wish. I wanted to help clients of all ages in all stages of life, we know how unsettling and overwhelming a move can be at any age and most especially for people “of a certain age”.

We have a great team of experienced move managers who enjoy helping clients and love the gratification of seeing it all come together on moving day in the creation of “home”.

We truly do “ease your mind and our move” and with each move we strive to live up to our name, A Thoughtful Move.

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I am a proud member of the National Association of Senior Move Managers, and in 2017 was welcomed into their elite Diamond Society. I also serve on their Ethics Compliance Commission and I have attained their certification in this field. I am part of a small group that started training others in this field and remain committed to education for both me and my staff.